Why I Love Working from Home

I used to say that I could never work at home. That’s because when I had first left my job in 2014, my wife and I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment, the desk was in our bedroom, and I would sometimes forget to go outside all day! We started renting a shared space for us to work on our business and thereby separate our need to be productive from our need to relax.

Since then, we bought a home and started having kids. We changed offices a few times, but always made a point to have a separate work space from home. In 2019, I decided to accept a full-time role again with a small commute, but long hours in the office. We had a 6 month old baby (our second) when I started, and I felt like I was missing so much of his early development. When Coronavirus measures closed the offices in mid-March, I began working from home again. Since we have enough space for my standup desk, secondary monitor, and desk chair, it was easy for me to maintain productivity.

Mornings with my kids are one of the best parts about working from home. Since I’m not headed out the door at 7:30, I’m able to make breakfast with them, help my wife get time to run, and feel connected to my family before starting the work day. When I have meetings, I can shut my door to focus and not worry about interruptions. I love getting to spend more time with my favorite people when I need to take a break or have lunch outside as a family.

In addition to more family time, I like to get out on quick hikes up the hill behind our neighborhood. That’s a favorite spot for me to reset and clear my head. I don’t usually stay up there more than 10-15 minutes, but it gets me moving and helps my eyes get some rest from the computer.

Though I moved to working remotely suddenly, I have really enjoyed the extra connection with my family and ability to spend more time where I live. It may not be for everyone and I totally get that, but it definitely works for me.

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