Double Your Business in 1 Year Flat

With all the buzz around new platforms, social networks, and pressure to keep up with a blogging schedule, you probably expect me to say something like ‘get on Snapchat, boost a Facebook post, or Instagram every day’. But actually, the single best thing you can do to market your business and build your brand has nothing to do with social networks, gaming Google, or even the internet. Ready for it? The single best thing you can do to market your business is take exceptional care of the customers you already have. Not only does it serve your customer base now, but it gets those people talking. Those people already trust you! All you have to do is get them talking about your brand to a friend, family member, or co-worker.

Purple Cow: Remarkable means something worth remarking about. What do we want them to say? “You need to see this”

Seth Godin talks about building a brand through the balanced relationship of Authority and Trust.

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