Creators who Inspire Me

The following creators are in vastly different spaces, but each has contributed to ways I view my own journey and what’s possible today in business.

  • Seth Godin – The master of marketing and consistent output.
  • Pat Flynn – I love Pat’s humility and dedication to his family.
  • Amy Porterfield – I appreciate how she produces such high quality content that is friendly and approachable to beginners
  • Donald Miller – The StoryBrand framework has helped me approach sales and messaging challenges in a fresh way
  • Glen Henry – Inspires me to be a better dad. Great example of documenting vs creating.
  • Chris Guillebeau – Super inspired by his travel history, but also love his core message that you don’t have to live like everyone else
  • James Clear – Writes one of the few email newsletters I actually enjoy reading.
  • Ryan Holiday – The Obstacle is the Way was a paradigm shift for me. I am now constantly seeing this principle play out in real life.
  • Jasmine Star – I’ve followed her since the beginning. Powerhouse entrepreneur.
  • Lisa Congdon – Discovered a skill and love for art in her mid 30’s.
  • Andy J. Pizza – A recent favorite creator of mine. Excellent tips on creativity, style, and not being afraid to fail.

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