Supercharge Your Instagram in 3 Steps

Without a doubt, Instagram is the number one social platform for introducing your business to new people and building a following. Whether you are a photographer, florist, or catering company, a devoted Instagram presence needs to be part of your marketing arsenal. Building an authentic following takes time, so avoid anyone claiming that they can ‘double your following overnight.’ If you do nothing else, focus on these 3 tactics and you will see growth
Engage With Your Audience
There should be overlap between the people who follow you and the people you follow. It’s important to maintain the social relationship you establish with followers by engaging with their content and definitely engaging with people who leave comments or messages. This is one of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaging with your message.
Consistent Posting and Simple Editing
Consistency when it comes to posting is an art form, but it doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t need to be a photographer to achieve it. People will follow you when they know what they can expect from you. If you begin to stray from that expectation, don’t be surprised if your follower count takes a hit.
Use Relevant and Appropriate Hashtags
Hashtags is the secret sauce to boosting your following and growing your audience. Keep it under 10.
For more information about utilizing Instagram to grow your audience, check out “The Definitive Guide to Instagram”

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