Thoughts about Branding

Your logo is not your brand

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but it is something I see more and more online every day and comes up a lot in the creator community. People get a new logo and call it a “rebrand.” They may have gone through an honest rebrand, but chances are they are buying into the lie that getting a new logo or new website for that matter is a rebrand. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice by believing this lie and missing a massive opportunity for understanding why the right customers may not be connecting with you. I love how Seth Godin defines this buzzword. He defines brand as “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” This may be big news to you, so take a breath and say it with me…a logo is not a brand.

Your Brand is About How People Feel

Customer experience has much more to do with your brand than design does. Design is necessary, but it won’t save you from poor customer service, unclear communication, or unmet expectations. Perhaps the best thing you can do right now to understand your brand is to conduct a survey of past customers and ask them questions about their experience, the problem you helped solve, and why they would or would not recommend you to a friend.

A Good Brand Should Turn People Off

‘Say What!?’ How many people do you know that define themselves as ‘Apple’, ‘Android’, or ‘Coke’ people? When it comes to down to a purchase decision, your customers are face with a choice between what could be very similar products/experiences. Brand is the x-factor for understanding why people chose one product over another. Your brand is the reason people like or dislike your work. Ultimately, it the reason people choose or choose not to pay for your product or service and the reason they do or don’t refer you to their friends.

Clarity is King

In light of this way of understanding of brand, let’s talk about clarity. Every blog, message, headline, email, photo you associate with your business is sending a message. Being clear and consistent is the best way to take responsibility for the message you’re sending. Everything we do in marketing should be filtered through a set of brand guidelines to make sure our ideal customer will resonate with our message.

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